The benefits you gain from taking online courses are:

Gain confidence by learning
Earn additional income
Work at your own pace, any time & anywhere
Obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Take self-development courses as needed for employment
Obtain a Certificate of Completion (suitable for framing)
Work towards a Christian Counselor Certification
Enroll in courses to become a 12-Step Meeting Facilitator or a Tough Love Family Support Facilitator
Anger Management
Personal Development

And much more....

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

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Dr. Ronald Simmons &
his wife, Dr. Yolonda Young Simmons

Dr. Ronald Simmons is the cofounder of Free N One International (FNO). FNO started in 1989 as a program designed to educate and teach the local community and worldwide on how to address and treat substance abuse addiction.

Together with his wife Dr. Yolonda Young Simmons expanded the vision with additional standardized training with Free N One Training Institute (FNOTI).

FNOTI started in June 2012 with the goal to provide educational opportunities to adult learners. In 2022, Free N One Training Institute expanded with online courses for meeting facilitators, staff development, Christian counselors, CEUs and mental health professionals.